Attention all foodies! Starting 11 May, Spot will be hosting a weekly food truck program! Every Thursday from noon to 2pm, a variety of delicious food trucks will be parked just outside your office. And with new trucks rotating in every week, there's always something new and exciting to try.

Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

🚩 locations:
Schiphol Oost: gebouw 144
CBD: at The Square between Hilton and The Base

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Here's the program for the month of August.


10 AUGUST | Rodenburgers Pizza
Meet Karsten and Kelvin Rodenburger, the dynamic duo behind Rodenburger's Premium Italian Catering. From their charming Italian Piaggio food truck, they're serving various delectable treats. Don't miss the chance to indulge in their exquisite pizzas – a fusion of expertise and passion that's simply irresistible.

17 AUGUST | Rodenburgers pizza

24 AUGUST | Baramaribo

31 AUGUST | TBA soon


10 AUGUST | Barimaribo
Guess who's back? Our Surinam Foodtruck Baramaribo! On request they are back with your favorite Surinam classics. Nyan Switi!

17 AUGUST | Sabich Streetfood

24 AUGUST | Agatha Tan

31 AUGUST | Baramaribo

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Hi Frans en Marianne, vanaf 11 mei beginnen we met de foodtrucks 🙌🏻 Hopelijk zien we jullie dan!
Great news! The lineup for May is now available online. Check out the event page for all the details.
Truckin Thurdays attention - May 25th! Another 2 delicious Foodtrucks waiting for you, are you coming over woth your colleagues? The sun will be also there tomorrow!i :-). Schiphol CBD: Lumberjackshack -- Great sandwiches, Prepared from the BBQ! (also veggie) Schiphol East: Baramaribo -- Come dance this way for amazing Surinam fusion food, be surprised!
Today i visted the food truck 'Baramaribo' at Schiphol East. The Surinam fusion food was really good. I would recommend people to attend this event the next time at Schiphol East.
📢 Attention, attention! The lineup for June is out! Check the event text at the top.
Today you get your special Foodtruck lunch during Truckin's Thurdays at our 2 famous Spots: Schiphol Center - Baramaribo - Surinam Fusion Food Schiphol East - Mister Ti's - Seafood. Vegetarian options @ both Trucks. Enjoy your lunch!
Goodmorning --- Sunny Foodtruck alarm! Truckin' Thurdays June 8 --- EAST // Satay van NAN // prepared with own special mix of herbs and other secrets for perfect flavours! Pork-, chicken-, or Vega (tofu special!) satay served with slices baguette, fresh cucumber, prawn crackers/kroepoek. Expansion with nasi and bami possible! CENTER - Burger & Bowls party! - Meat / fish (tuna) / Vega Burgers and Bowls! Bon appétit
☀️ 🛻 Sunny Truckin' Thursdays today! 🛻☀️ A perfect opportunity to take your colleagues outside for a pleasant walk and have and sunny lunch outside 🔔 CENTER - Today we wish you delicious homemade fresh fries and other delicacies from the Hieperdepieper Foodtruck. All made with so much passion! Let's make one thing clear: Your lunch is pure, healthier and made from honest, fresh and "pure nature" products 🥔 (vegetarian/gluten free options).🔔 EAST - Beware of Hungry Jack! Come over and have lunch today with an original, so-called "Sloppy Joe's" sandwich, A basic one or go crazy with your own Sloppy creations. But that' s not all…Hungry Jack extends it' s sloppy talented hands for you to some serious Hot Dogs 🌭 made up of 100% angus beef, hand crafted bread and a handful of Sloppy Sides such as dill pickles, coleslaw, homemade salads and more! ☀️
Good morning! It's our favorite day of the week: 🚚🌭 It's Truckin' Thursdays! 🌭🚚 Unfortunately, we have a bit of disappointing news for all the food truck enthusiasts in Schiphol East today. Due to an unforeseen truck malfunction, we regret to inform you that Tutti Italia won't be able to make it. There will be no food truck in Schiphol East. But in Schiphol CBD, Hungry Jack will serve the best Sloppy Joes and Hot Dogs. Premium meat elevates their Sloppy Joes, while their secret recipe Hot Dogs are irresistibly hot. Don't miss out on the best Sloppy Joes and Hot Dogs in town! 🌭🚚✨
Don’t forget it’s Truckin' Thursdays! Schiphol Centre – Madam Flamm Meet the one and only Madame Flamm today @ Schiphol Center, believe us..she's so lovely! Various flavors of Flammkuchen - a German pizza with a thin and crispy crust. Both savory and sweet, meat or vegetarian! Schiphol East - Fish enzo! Are you going for a fresh pasta salad with shrimps, a well-filled fresh tuna on traditional bread or Argentinian shrimps in garlic? Oeh, maybe shrimp croquettes ′′on the side ′′ (because it's all possible today!) Or…. do you still take a look at the range of meat and vegetarian burgers? It's your day!
The suspense is killing me, what's the line-up for July? 🫣
📢 Attention, attention! The lineup for July is out! Check the event text at the top.
Hi all, It's Truckin' Thursdays! SCHIPHOL CENTER - Special, Luxe, fresh and richly filled sandwiches, wraps and salad from Vertruckelijk! Meat, vegetarian, vegan, halal. That will be deliciously delicious.....! SCHIPHOL EAST - Yummie...Traditionally delicious! Honest and very high-quality meat from a BBQ! Lumberjackshack does its best to provide you all with great, tasty sandwiches with homemade meat products. Vegetarians are not forgotten :-D
Attention to all foodies! 🚚 Today, we've got some unexpected news — Sabich Streetfood is experiencing a bit of truck trouble, so sadly, there won't be any food trucks in CBD or Schiphol Oost today 😢 But hey, don't let those frowns linger! We've got some good news too! 🎉 Next week, we'll be back in full force with not just one, but TWO awesome food trucks, ready to serve up a storm of delectable delights! So let's turn this truck hiccup into a delicious anticipation for an epic foodie reunion! 🤩
🌧️ Rain or shine, we're trucking on! 🚚 Unfortunately, there won't be a food truck in Schiphol CBD as originally planned, but don't despair! Vetruckelijk is a true culinary warrior and they're here to brave the rain and serve up some mouthwatering delights in Schiphol Oost! So, grab your umbrellas and head over to Schiphol Oost to support Vetruckelijk as they cook up a storm. Let's show them some love and make today's event a memorable one! Come hungry, leave happy – that's the motto we live by!
🌧️ Foodtruck Update: Rain Check Tomorrow! 🌧️ Dear foodies, we're genuinely sorry to announce that tomorrow's foodtrucks are canceled due to the weather. You've probably noticed some bumps in our lineup this year, and we're sincerely sorry for any disappointment caused. We're already hard at work brainstorming ways to improve next year's foodtruck offerings. If you've got some great ideas on how to make next year work, creative suggestions, or even wild foodtruck dreams, don't hesitate to share them with us. Thank you for your understanding and continued support, rain or shine.
Foodtruck & nice weather alarm.. YES It’s is Truckin Thursdays! SCHIPHOL CENTRE > Rodenburgers pizza & Focaccia is waiting for you all! A fresh and unique Italian experience with healthy Italian pizzas and fresh different focaccias. With familiar Italian flavors like caprese, tuna, parma, salami, mozzarella... everything you expect from an Italian. Buon appetito amici! SCHIPHOL EAST Guess who is back? Our Suriname Foodtruck Baramaribo! On request they are back with your favorite Surinamese classics. Maybe even more delicious than your first time........Nyan Switi!!
Hello, good morning, how are you? GOOD! It's Truckin' Thursdays! 🎉 SCHIPHOL CENTRE 🛻 PITA PARTY! 🫓 Make sure you're there! Sabich Streetfood wants to introduce you to the tastiest pita sandwiches you've ever eaten. The menu consists of 3 pitas and a falafel burger. So what are you waiting for...? 🛻 SCHIPHOL EAST 🇮🇹 For East it's time for Rodenburgers pizza & focaccia's this week! A fresh and unique Italian experience with healthy Italian pizzas and fresh different focaccia's. With well-known Italian flavors such as caprese, tuna, parma, salami, mozzarella... everything you expect from an Italian. Buon appetito amici!
Unfortunately, we have to inform you that our Italian food truck is sick. So there will be no food truck in East today. We're sorry! ☹️
A beautiful day for Truckin' Thursdays! 🛻 🌞 😋 Schiphol Center - Selamat makan! Special guest Asla indonesia is coming, don't miss this guys!!! Nasi Campur or a crispy indo sandwich? Your choice filled with rendang (beef), Ayam besengeh (chicken) or a vegan alternative! Acar and krupuk are never missing! And many different spectacular indo snacks. For yourself or... to share. And by the way...don't forget to ask for Bubble tea / spekkoek... (all meat HALAL). SCHIPHOL EAST Back in East for the last time this year..Baramaribo! Because we all love it and actually want this truck to have a home in the garden! Nyan Switi!! 🫶🏻🍽️🍀
Today is the last Truckin' Thursdays of this year, unfortunately only in east. We close this season with everyone's favorite: Baramaribo. Enjoy!
We are so sorry Baramaribo has to be towed away and can’t be present on the last day. It is a great pity, especially because we received a lot of enthusiasm and even orders for Baramaribo.
What a pity Baramaribo had to be towed away today. Look forward in the new year when hopefully they will return to Schiphol,