Schiphol Community Cooking Experience: show off your work!

Did you join our workshop on the 28th of May? Don’t be shy and share your dishes here!

Thanks everyone for joining! Despite the chaotic start I hope that everyone managed to complete their five dishes and had a nice, culinary evening, I sure did! I thought it was wonderful to see how you helped each other out. What a great community we are!

Annick Oosterlee

Community Manager
Schiphol Real Estate
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Was een heel leuk event en heerlijk gegeten!!! Dank.
Another amazing community event from Spot. Thank you, Annick for organizing. Great job to the team and to all! Amazing that we made all these that not only looked great but tasted delicious! Click to see the full picture :)
Thanks, again it was super organized. Special thanks to Annick and chef Renaud Goigoux from Restaurant Rouhi. The meal tasted delicious!