‘We’re a calling card for Schiphol, too’

‘We’re a calling card for Schiphol, too’
One year ago, following a decade of hotel experience, Jennifer Peters made the switch to Vebego. This Dutch family-owned business has grown into a multinational corporation in recent decades. At Schiphol, Vebego provides cleaning, security and information services. Jennifer currently works as Sales manager and feels the move was a logical one: 'The true calling cards of a business are its people. That applies to hotel employees, but it’s also true of a cleaner, security official or someone who sits behind the information desk. Hospitality is the key word. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol aims to become the best airport in Europe, and "best" is often a matter of passenger experience. I view our people as an extension of that Schiphol experience. We want to contribute to realising the airport’s ambition. We’re a calling card for Schiphol, too.'

'Schiphol is an amazing place to work. It’s an incredibly dynamic, 24/7 environment full of businesses that rely on one another. For me, it’s a chance to get out and meet people when I drop by these businesses and when I try to figure out how we can help each other. These days, Sales is becoming a matter of connecting networks, and that's exactly what I like about the job. SPOT Schiphol helps me with this. SPOT is a great community platform for people working at Schiphol, helping us to come together in an informal and pleasant way. That might be digitally via spotschiphol.nl, or it could be at one of the network events that we organise. I recommend making active use of this platform to everyone working at Schiphol. One example: we attended the last TEDx event at Schiphol with a number of partners. Afterwards, we had some pretty amazing conversations as a result of the inspiring stories we heard. Sharing such a moment with your clients is a truly unique experience.'

'That’s why I became a SPOT ambassador. We at Vebego will be organising an event of our own in the near future. It’s going to be a behind-the-scenes look at the Terminal. Among other things, we’re going to visit the "lost and found" department staffed by our people. You simply can’t imagine what a curio cabinet it is in there. The strangest objects get left behind and found. We will also be paying a visit to Schiphol’s intercom "announcers". Afterwards, of course, there will be an opportunity to get to know one another in a fun, informal setting. Do you work at Schiphol and are you looking to meet other colleagues from the airport? RSVP here: https://spotschiphol.nl/nl/events/spot-behind-the-scenes-vebego-airport-services '

Annick Oosterlee

Community Manager
Schiphol Real Estate
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