Unlock Exclusive Discounts: Introducing the Spot Pass!

Unlock Exclusive Discounts: Introducing the Spot Pass!

We’re thrilled to introduce the digital Spot pass! This replacement for the Plaza Discount Card can now be found in your Spot account online, and you can use it to get discounts at many shops and restaurants at Schiphol Plaza and beyond. So, a quick trip to the store after your workday is not only fast but also extra affordable!

In your Spot profile, you will now find your new discount card, specially designed for all members of our community. With the Spot Pass, you can get the best deals at local shops and restaurants without having to dig into your bag or wallet. You can easily add the pass to your Apple or Google Wallet so that you always have it with you.

What makes the Spot Pass extra special is that it offers more benefits than just Schiphol Plaza. For example, you can now also enjoy discounts at Hilton, VIVA (The Base), and the Fortune Bar (WTC Schiphol Airport).

Curious about which organizations are participating? On this page, you will find an overview of all the discounts available.

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