The Square blossoms with sustainable flower installations

The Square blossoms with sustainable flower installations

Spot Schiphol has unveiled vibrant and sustainable flower installations at The Square, positioned between Hilton & The Base. Originally crafted for the upcoming Spot Spring Event on March 21st, these installations will now grace the area throughout the spring season.

Crafted from innovative bioprint materials, these designs represent a step forward in eco-conscious artistry. Utilizing biosourced GMO-free sugar cane, the process minimizes waste at the manufacturing stage and ensures total recyclability at the end of its life cycle.

With these flower installations, Spot Schiphol is brightening up the central square at Schiphol CBD, a bustling area where hundreds of Schiphol workers pass by daily. It's a significant step forward in contributing to the public space at Schiphol. Looking ahead, we're excited to initiate a placemaking pilot later this year, aimed at enriching our public spaces even further. We warmly welcome enthusiastic community members to collaborate with us and share their creative ideas.

Feel free to reach out to us at or simply drop your ideas in the comments below this post. Let's collaborate to transform Schiphol into a vibrant and inspiring community space!

Annick Oosterlee

Community Manager
Schiphol Real Estate
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