The five unusual elements of The Square

The five unusual elements of The Square
The new public meeting point known as ‘The Square’ has been developed with the aim of giving tenants and visitors a place where they can relax, meet and inspire. It has also become a stylish passageway which turns the Schiphol Central Business District (CBD) into a cohesive unit. The new square boasts five unusual elements. You can certainly admire them in the day but make sure you also pop by at dusk, when some of the elements will literally light up for you!

The amphitheatre
The amphitheatre, with its seating elements in the shape of two half moons, ensures an open character and creates a place where people can relax on both sides of the square while still keeping an eye on the goings-on in the centre. The amphitheatre accommodates over 400 people, which makes it ideal for outdoor workshops, small-scale concerts and other community events.

Unusual pillars
Street art lovers will probably have already spotted the work ‘6,000 strokes’ by artist duo Orticanoodle. But did you know that the four colourful pillars symbolise Schiphol Central Business District? Anna Stolyarova, the director of Street Art Museum Amsterdam, tells us about the pillars: ‘The work combines both hard and soft elements. This reflects the companies which are based here, which all need both hard and soft skills. It also symbolises the mix between the hard architecture of Schiphol and the soft services which are offered, such as the Schiphol Community and the facilities in The Base.’

In the evening, the work is illuminated by an LED installation created by Armada Janse. As a counterpart to the 6000 brush strokes, the LED installation has 6000 small lights which continuously change colour and lend a light-hearted touch to the square.

Unusual tiles
Whether you approach it from the Hilton Hotel or The Base, on the way to the square you will already spot some unusual tiles in the pavement. Not only do these tiles steer you in the right direction, they also guide you in an unusual way. Several of the tiles light up, creating an attractive effect particularly in the dark autumn and winter months.

The view
The fifth element is naturally the unique view from the square. Don't just look around you: make sure you also look up once you have reached The Square. The powerful aircraft fly right overhead.

Discover The Square for yourself during the Spot Summer Sessions
Discover the five unique elements of The Square for yourself! Between 10 August and 14 September, Spot will be organising six enjoyable Summer Sessions at The Square, on Thursdays between 11.30 and 13.30. For example, you can enjoy live music, attend an inspiring talk by The School of Life or have a free team photo taken by a professional photographer. On 21 September, Spot will be organising a big opening with delicious cocktails, your favourite food trucks and much more. The various events are listed in our events calendar. Let us know which events you will be attending!
The Square Opening

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Wow the events look really cool and I like the space which I already used with my colleagues on a sunny day (yes, there was one at some point!) :)