Renovated HEMA Reopens at Schiphol Plaza

Renovated HEMA Reopens at Schiphol Plaza

Today, Thursday, April 11th, HEMA reopened its store in Arrival Passage 4 at Schiphol Plaza. The completely renovated store has a fresh look where customers can easily navigate and check out effortlessly.

This HEMA store has everything for daily needs, such as household textiles, beauty products, fashion, stationery, and an extensive range of household items, party supplies, and a renewed assortment of food products and beverages. The assortment is 'genuinely HEMA', but adapted for people on the go. As the cherry on top, the HEMA at Schiphol also sells delicious pastries. Customers can easily navigate, check out at self-scan checkouts, and there is extra attention to sustainable products. The HEMA staff at Schiphol are available seven days a week to assist customers.

Machiel Lagerweij, Chief Operations Officer at HEMA:

"I am particularly proud that a renewed and modern HEMA is reopening at Schiphol. So that there is a HEMA really close by for Schiphol visitors and travelers. The assortment is 'genuinely HEMA', but adapted for people on the go. Think of items like umbrellas, toiletries, fashion, and gift items. Customers will immediately notice that the store is not only simple and logically arranged, but also has a fresh, cozy, and sustainable look. Full of beautiful, practical, and quality products that last longer, of course at a competitive price."

Annick Oosterlee

Community Manager
Schiphol Real Estate
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