How to be productive while your colleagues are on holiday – Five tips.

How to be productive while your colleagues are on holiday – Five tips.

Summer holidays are here! You see one colleague after another leaving to go abroad to spend the whole day lounging on some exotic beach. That’s nice for them, of course, but how do you stay productive while holding the fort? No worries, Spot has five tips for you! 

1. Stay cool 
Overloaded with work and nobody’s left at the office? You probably feel the urge to run around in a tizzy to meet all your deadlines. Not a good idea! Because stress always backfires. When you feel pressured, you get much less done. So don’t forget to stay cool and take a break to relax. Go outside for a few minutes or do some stretches, but take breaks during your workday. 

2. Get together with other homebodies
Maybe the office isn’t as empty as you think. See who else has stayed at home and make it a bit easier for each other. Take on one of your colleague’s tasks and be smart about sharing the work. Not only that, it’s fun to keep each other company when the office is so quiet. 

3. Keep yourself on track
Tasks that you used to finish easily now require a bit more organisation. Good scheduling will help you get all your work done this summer too. Make sure you know exactly what you have to get done on a given day, and how much time it will take. That way you’ll end your workday in good time to have a cool drink and enjoy the sun. 

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4. Time for those things you never get around to 
A quiet summer at the office also offers you lots of plusses. Maybe there isn’t much work right now, so you can finally do those things that you usually never have time for. This is a perfect opportunity to make time for all that stuff that’s been sitting on the shelf for a while.

5. Enjoy uninterrupted work
It’s not only the perfect moment to work through a long to-do list, there’s also a big chance that you’ll be better able to concentrate. Because all of a sudden you’re not interrupted all the time by calls and emails from colleagues. And think about how much time you usually lose doing that kind of thing.

6. Get together with all the Spotters
So you’re working this summer. Post a reply in the comments! Arrange a get together, take a walk together during the break or go for a nice coffee somewhere. And maybe this is the perfect time to flip open your laptop in a new location. Schiphol has plenty of places where 

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