Do what you can't - a Spot Festival talk powered by Samsung

Do what you can't - a Spot Festival talk powered by Samsung

It may be hard to imagine now, but Schiphol-based company Samsung used to be known primarily for its TVs and mass-market products. However, in the past couple of years, the company has undergone a transformation. Today, Samsung creates products tailored to meet specific consumer needs. Driven by the motto #dowhatyoucant - they make the impossible possible. On June 8, Master Trainer Yasmine Guirguis demonstrated how you can apply this compelling approach to your everyday life.

Spot Festival
This recording was captured during Spot Festival, which took place in June: an exclusive festival for employees of Schiphol-based companies, packed with entertainment, networking, and fun.

If you've ever walked through the Schiphol area, you may have wondered what goes on behind all those different doors. Behind the hustle and bustle are people with unique stories, perspectives, and experiences. At Spot Festival, we have highlighted these inspiring stories. 

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