Catch them young and watch them grow

Catch them young and watch them grow

As an employer, there’s no way around it: due to the pandemic and the subsequent tightness in the labour market, attracting young talent has become a serious challenge. From millennials to Generation Y: anyone born between 1985 and 2000 has the luxury of choosing their career from a surplus of vacancies. So, now more than ever, it makes sense for you to find out how to best attract this inquisitive and flexible group of potential employees. What are they looking for in their next job, how do you appeal to them and how do you keep them on board? We’ve put together five tips to help you attract, retain and win the loyalty of these bright young minds.

Catch them young
The launch pad for your next recruitment campaign is closer than you think: right here in your own workplace! There’s a reason why the young talent already working for you chose your company. What attracted them to your business, and what benefits do you have to offer them? This is vital information for you, giving you a clear idea of what your young target group hopes to find in their new job.

Let them grow
Young people are particularly focused on the content of their job, so personal development and learning new skills are high on their wish list. By offering training activities and further education, you put yourself ahead of the competition. Most young people have had a broad education and are still searching for what they really want in life. Help them take that next step with development opportunities that match their interests and qualities. That way, you grab their attention by showcasing great career prospects.

Go green
While we’re on the subject of development: it’s true that young people focus on personal growth, but they also care about the planet. An organisation where they can contribute to a better society is more likely to win their attention. If you and your company truly care about sustainability, it is sure to earn bonus points. Your young target group cares about the environment and wants to work for a company that shares their values.

Be flexible and social
Young people are done with coronavirus, but they’re not done with working from home! If it were up to them, the traditional working week would be a relic from the past. The vast majority no longer want to go to the office five days a week, but then again, they have no desire to be stuck at home either. Why not go for the perfect middle ground and offer a hybrid working model? That way, your young talent retains the freedom they’ve become accustomed to. 

This might take some getting used to if you’re the kind of manager who likes to see your staff at the office all the time. It’s not the best idea to impose rules on bright, young staff about when and how often they have to be at their desk, but what you can do is turn your office into more of a social hub. The social aspect of working at the office is the main draw for your target group: a chance to meet new people, broaden their network and learn from others. 

And even though older generations also enjoy hybrid working, for young people there’s another added benefit. Many twenty-somethings dream of going on a big trip after they graduate. These adventurers would like nothing better than to hop on a plane with their laptop and work from abroad. 

Shine a SPOT-light on Schiphol
Last but not least: the working environment. SPOT offers your (young) talents great opportunities to get into shape and meet new people at the same time. So be sure to tell them about our weekly boot camp and the Friday drinks at Schiphol, which we organise four times a year. Want to organise your own group? There’s room for that too at SPOT. By getting together, your juniors will soon be exchanging inspiring ideas about their future careers.

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