4x hot desking at Schiphol

4x hot desking at Schiphol

Does your office feel oppressive? Sometimes it’s good to work in a different environment for a while. So we have found four good places for hot desking at Schiphol. Open your laptop, order a coffee and get typing! 

De Huismeesters

This cosy espresso bar is located in Schiphol-Oost. The coffee is good and there are plenty of flexible workstations at no charge. If you need a bit more privacy, you can also book a meeting room. Are you a fan? There are another twelve branches of De Huismeesters in Amsterdam and Utrecht. 

Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm

Stationsplein Noord-Oost 202

The Base

The Atrium of The Base is well known to most people. But in our view the corridor leading to The Base D / HEINEKEN is the best place to work and meet people. Somewhat quieter than the Atrium, with lovely furnishings, many plants and a lot of light. There are great places to sit, the Wi-Fi reception is good and if you need to relax more, the Breakout Room is just around the corner. For breakfast, lunch or coffee the places to go are AH to go and VIVA! End your working day sociably? You can get together there for a drink every Wednesday and Thursday. 

Address: Evert van de Beekstraat 104

World Trade Center

Another hidden gem is the public area of WTC Schiphol Airport. Relax in one of the cosy seats on the third floor, which has just been completely renovated. Feel like a coffee? Just go over to Fortune Bar or STACH. 

Address: Schiphol Boulevard 105


Hot desking in an international environment? Then Spaces is the place to be. Design furniture, sleek interior, good coffee and an inspiring community of experts and businesspeople. Here you can rent office space, a meeting room, a fixed workplace or an office in the coworking area. Check out the website for the prices and more information. 

Address: Evert van de Beekstraat 354

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