TEDxAmsterdamSalon: Planet Act

"We read social posts and blogs on sustainability, we share them, we like them, we tag our friends. We think about it, we want to know more about it and we share thoughts about it. We invest our time in knowing more on how to protect our planet. We accept less of the solutions given and question more. Are the things we do, the things we should be doing?" - TEDxAmsterdam

This year’s TEDxAmsterdamSalon is all about taking action. For our planet. For our people. For the future. An exciting line-up of speakers awaits you at this powerful event about our world in peril, and the power we have to make a difference. Reserve your tickets now! Spaces are going fast…

Sign up at: www.spotschiphol.nl/tedx

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Hi everyone! Please note that if you would like to attend our TEDxAmsterdamSalon, you also have to register at: https://kooptickets.shop/828/Spot-Schiphol-Community.html - Hope to see you all on the 8th of November! :-)