TEDxAmsterdam Side Event

What is happiness? Can science create new life? Why is it important to talk to strangers? Is there life on Mars? What can design do? Why are we always so busy? Is data the new currency? Why do snooze buttons go off after 9 minutes? What can I do to help refugees? Will our children live in a sustainable world? Am I more than my data?

On November 27, various speakers – from promising innovators and entrepreneurs to artists, and from storytellers to scientists – will take the stage and inspire the Schiphol audience with powerful talks about this year's theme: Big Questions.

What to expect on 27 November
The first Schiphol side event in 2014 was a big success and we’re determined to make this year’s event even more inspiring. We will have some astonishing live talks and performances to inspire you and supply you with ideas worth sharing. You’ll meet passionate people you would probably not otherwise meet. The event will be held at Schiphol Central Business District. We are working out a very special location. The location, as well as the speakers, will be revealed shortly here, and on www.tedxamsatschiphol.nl

REGISTER AT: www.tedxamsatschiphol.nl