The Art of Conversation

In partnership with Spaces - Schiphol Airport, we want to inspire you and teach you something new. With a cool speaker in a very cool place. For free. Because we like it.

For many people, the biggest challenge at work is bringing up issues that are tricky to discuss. A lot of energy and time is lost this way, as it is precisely raising difficult issues that opens up new ways. During this talk, we will practice various conversation techniques that can help to improve communication in the workplace.

This talk is given by School of Life
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Hi everyone!! We look forward to hosting this last School of Life event together with the SPOT community! To make it extra special, we would like to invite you for a few drinks and small snacks after the event. Please make sure to de-register if you decide not to attend so we know how many of you to expect!! Looking forward to meeting you there! - Lara