Superforecasting session with Regina Joseph

Superforecasting: you might have heard from it, but for many people this is a new phenomenon. It is a groundbreaking way to ‘predict the future’. Founder of this method is Philip Tetlock. In America, it is already frequently used and it is now starting to gain popularity in Europe as well. In this session, Regina Joseph explains the basic principles of ‘superforecasting’. Then you will be presented a concrete case in which the ANWB used this method for a higher innovation success ratio. Useful for anyone who works on innovation and the future!

Are you curious about how you can better evaluate future developments and use these in your work? Three community members of Schiphol Group kindly invite you to this free session (in English) on May 24 from 2 PM till 4 PM in the Schipholgebouw Auditorium.

You can apply for this session by clicking on the apply button on the Spot event page.

See you there!