Accessibility Hackaton

Join developers, designers and tech builders from Microsoft, Schiphol Group and other partners in improving wayfinding, and in making the Microsoft office more accessible and inclusive. Microsoft cares deeply about providing a workplace that is inclusive to everyone – employees and visitors alike.
The goal of the day?
Commonly work towards a solution that will be usable for the Microsoft the Netherlands office, but also can be made available for other organizations to leverage. To that end, we've invited people from various backgrounds and all abilities to tell us (that's you and us) where the proverbial blind spots are, and to learn while we fix those together.
Various backgrounds mean that being super technical isn’t a must to be able to join the party. Are you an excellent project manager? A super creative mind? A real team player? We’re looking for you! PowerApps, Azure, an extensive sensor infrastructure or just pen and paper – we will provide you with the tools to help bring your bright ideas to life!
Hereby the link to subscribe yourself to the event:

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