You’re young and ambitious… and this is your opportunity!

Whether you’re a millenial, youngster or GEN Y: Colleagues your age have a lot of influence on the workplace. However, companies are having a hard time attracting employees born between 1985 and 2000.

But we have all the answers on what employers need to do to make you the proud and mouthy employee.

So, tell us. How can employers make it interesting for you?

Evelien Janson

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Adopt flexible workstyles and invest in clear growth paths and learning opportunities. Especially Gen Y/Z, is used to the freedom, as most of their studies or work the past years have been done remotely. They like to come to the office, to learn from others and for the social part, but they don't want to be told WHEN or how often, and like the flexibility to decide for themselves. Managers need to make it worth the commute. You need to make the workspace a social hub so it actually becomes attractive to show up, grow your network and learn from others.