Any tips for staycation in the Netherlands?

Hi there,

I have a question. This summer me and my boyfriend will stay in the Netherlands.
Any tips for a weekend trip or other fun things we can do?

Groetjes, Evelien

Evelien Janson

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Hi Evelien, It might sound cliche however i think it's super nice to get into Amsterdam city take an canal cours or even rent a boat and cruise away into 't ij. Check out the Amsterdam tower ''LOOKOUT' (swing away). or have an Relaxed time at Spa Zuiver, where you can enjoy the ambiance and feel like you in Marrakech.
Love it! Thx for your tips. I've actually been on the Lookout before, which is amazing 😍 Did you plan a holiday yourself?
Right!, Yes i have actually i'm travelling to BALI this summer for the first time !🌴 Never been to Asia before so it's going to be a total newbee on the experience list.
So cool! @NathalieHettema you are also going to bali right? Maybe you can share some tips?