Community guidelines

We've noticed that many Spot users would like to know what the main do's and don'ts are for this forum. We've therefore come up with some community guidelines for you. If we get the sense that there's a more widespread interest in these guidelines, we'll continue to develop or modify them further.

Spot is Schiphol only

Spot is the platform run by and for the 64,000 people who work at the 500 companies in the Schiphol region. There may be people who work just outside that catchment, but would still like to participate. If that's you, you're very welcome to join in. We're a little stricter when it comes to companies. If you want a company profile on Spot, there's only one option: join the other companies based in the Schiphol region! (You won't regret it, we promise.)

Spot is not an advertising platform

Nobody likes spam. Advertisements, link building, self-promotion, speculative job applications, pyramid schemes... Most people don't want to see that kind of publicity in a community space, so we don't allow it on Spot. The best place to promote yourself is on your own profile. For businesses, that would be the business profile. And for employees, it would be your personal profile. And even here, the idea is to profile yourself to give other members a clear impression of yourself as a person, or of your company, rather than just using it as a way of placing backlinks. We may delete accounts if people misuse them. 

Spot can be used to match supply with demand

We obviously don't want unsolicited advertising. But if you have an item you want to sell, rent out, give away, or lend – or if you're looking for something of that nature – of course you can announce that! We even have a separate group for that, the imaginatively named ‘Spot Marketplace’. You're free to offer or request all sorts of products and services, but there's just one key rule: it can't relate to your core business. Got a spare office chair? Or some office space for a start-up? Maybe you're looking for a second-hand fax machine (a WHAT?) Or someone who can translate your brochure into Portuguese? If so, put it on Spot! But if you're a web agency, don't offer website development. If you're a recruitment consultant, don't offer temporary staff. And if you're a coffee bean grinder, don't offer your ground coffee.

Spot is a positive space

Spot is a bit like a birthday party: the more the merrier, and we'd like it to be fun and friendly. Feel free to praise others, or to share other kinds of constructive feedback or useful experiences. But don't use the community to air your grievances. If you have a complaint about a company which has a presence on Spot, we recommend that you contact that company directly. If you have a complaint about Spot itself, you can e-mail the community manager.

The right content, in the right place

Try to place your messages, questions and requests in the appropriate group. You should certainly avoid placing the same message in different groups. If you want to reach the members and followers of a number of different groups, we recommend that you place your message in the general Spot group. When you respond to messages, other users will also appreciate you staying on topic, and keeping to the subject under discussion.

Note: your messages are in the public domain

Spot may be ‘Schiphol only’ for the purposes of responding to messages and taking part in discussions, but you should remember that anyone could be lurking. Spot's content is indexed by search engines like Google, just like other online content. It's worth bearing this in mind when you post information or respond to others, especially if it's a sensitive topic. 

You speak for yourself

All participants are responsible for the content of their messages, requests and responses. You can, however, ask the community manager to edit something. As a rule, we don't remove profiles or messages, once they've become part of a discussion which other people have made the effort to participate in too. If you've posted a message or response which, with hindsight, you now feel is going to haunt you forever, you can e-mail the community manager explaining why and asking for your profile and/or the message to be made anonymous.

Where Spot draws the line

Spot will not tolerate hateful, racist, fascist, threatening, sexually charged, insulting, slanderous or shocking messages, images and films. If you place any such content, we may remove your account. You should also not share any personal details of third parties (such as their name, address, phone number or e-mail address). Our community managers have the right to remove any message or thread without stating a reason.

Working together on Spot maintenance

Stumbled upon a broken link? Noticed some incorrect information? Or maybe someone posted a message which you think violates the guidelines. If so, e-mail our community manager, Annick. She'll get straight onto it.

Our community managers have the final say

Spot is a moderated community. That means our community managers have the right to edit or remove any dubious messages, responses or discussions without stating their reasons. And they may sometimes get it wrong. After all, even the best referee will sometimes flag someone as offside when actually they weren't. If you disagree with a decision made by a moderator, we advise you to e-mail the community manager. Repeated violation of the guidelines or general terms and conditions by an individual user (or from a particular IP address) can result in that user (and/or the IP address) being banned.

The small print

Those are the main guidelines. But please note: there's some small print too. It's not a thrilling read, but still very relevant to Spot users. So make sure you click on our privacy policy.