Seminar: Is COVID our wake-up call?

On November 25, Amref will host a live seminar about Covid in Africa in the auditorium of Schiphol, with reflections on, among other things, vaccination equality, how covid manifests itself in Africa, and what lessons should we draw from this; both in Africa and in the Netherlands. With very interesting speakers, including Amref Health Africa's COO Lolem B. Ngong from Kenya and biologist Tobias Rinke de Wit.

An instructive and inspiring afternoon, we hope to see you there. The event starts at 14:30 until 16:00, with a drink at the end.

Registration is required due to covid regulations, this can be done by sending an email to Please register before November 18.


The Covid situation on the African continent is shocking. Only 3 percent of adults in Africa are fully vaccinated. With most of Africa still not vaccinated, the continent remains at risk of new COVID variants and new waves of infections.

Why is the vaccination rate so low? Is it due to vaccine inequality? Can we speak of a system of “vaccine apartheid” that rich countries and pharmaceutical giants have created? Or do other factors play a big role too, such as vaccine hesitancy due to misinformation and myths? And what can we learn from the HIV/Aids pandemic regarding vaccine readiness, creativity and challenges? It’s time to strengthen health systems with a systems approach, both in Africa and the Netherlands. Table guests from different backgrounds tap into what we can learn from this pandemic to strengthen health systems, and to make sure the world is prepared for future pandemics.

Rosanne Hertzberger
Scientific Researcher, columnist, writer

Tobias Rinke de Wit
Molecular biologist and Global Health specialist

Lolem B. Ngong
Chief of Staff, Amref Health Africa

Sarah Spronk
Senior Health Policy Officer at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thea Hilhorst
Professor of Humanitarian Studies, International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University

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