GINius Afterwork

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s Axis Cocktail Bar would like to invite you for a new adventure - a series of after-work events called the Spirit of Axis, which will not only remind you of, but even outshine our former GINius parties here at Axis! Throughout this year, we will take you on several amazing trips in a journey around the world, to make you enjoy the Spirits & Gastronomy of the most delightful countries.

Our trip of September 15th naturally starts at Axis’ Bar home base, The Netherlands. From jenever to gin, from tulip vodka through rum, beers, and Agave Spirit to special local liqueurs, the Netherlands has it all, and you can get to know (and taste) each of these fascinating drinks! At "Spirit(s) of the Netherlands" you will find 10+ stands of Dutch brands, our Travel Companions, where the creators themselves are looking forward to proudly introduce you to their product, to explain its interesting characteristics and you can buy a ticket to taste it all!

Axis bar will offer a very unique cocktail menu for this special event, with cocktails exclusively made with the products of our Travel Companions. Moreover, the most iconic items of Dutch gastronomy will be served, while Live Jazz music will be accompanying us on our trip through the Netherlands.

Thirsty for some knowledge? Taste and learn during the event! Exciting masterclasses will be given about the history of Jenever (Philip Duff, Old Duff Jenever, from New York City), the culture of “Borrel” (Timo Janse, Dutch Courage).
Would you like to join us for this very first amazing trip of Spirit of Axis?

• Order your ticket via our webpage
• Receive the ticket via email
• Show your ticket on your phone at the entrance
• Collect your exclusive card that offers you all the benefits mentioned above
• Enjoy your evening at the Spirits of the Netherlands!
• All tickets are non-refundable

👉 SPOT-member? Great! 25% Discount applies directly at our lobby desk or click here.
👉 When? Doors open from 17:00 - end time 22:00 on 15th September
👉 Where? At Hilton Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Axis Cocktail Bar

See you there! 👋

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