KiKa Workout Marathon

Join Health Club the Base for the Kika Workout Marathon at The Base Atrium. A100% of all earnings will go to the Kika Foundation that helps children with cancer.

16:30 Warming up by Nino
16:50 Tae Bo by Brian
17:30 Bootcamp by Dennis
18:10 Crazy Dance Mashup by Mario
18:50 Pilates by Zenaide
19:45 Lottery and revelation of the winner of the blind “Payback Workout” Auction*

Workout marathon €30,-
Raffle tickets € 5,-
Massages € 15,-

*Blind “Payback Workout” Auction; make a blind bid to win a “30 minute Payback Workout” with an instructor of your choice!

Please go to for your donations.

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