How many languages do you speak, read or understand?

Good morning! We haven't done this in a while, but let's start this week with a little experiment! I'm curious to find out how many languages are spoken within the Spot Schiphol community!

Schiphol is home to a number of multinational companies – either Dutch in origin or international concerns which have established regional headquarters at the airport. And I would love to find out how many languages we speak all together!

Who would like to start? :-)

Update 27 October: together we speak 19 languages and Kattuks (a Dutch dialect from Katwijk).

- Arabic
- Afrikaans
- Chinese
- Czech
- Danish
- Dutch
- English
- Finnish
- French
- Frysk
- (Swiss) German
- Greek
- Indonesian
- Italian
- Papiamento
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish
- Swedish

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Dan wol ik graach yn it Frysk moaie dei foar allegear & folle groetnis.
Hola, no solo el Holandes, yo tambien hablo Espanol, el Chino, inglis y aleman. For now i am learning Norwegian and Arabic. The reason why is because in Holland and other foreign countries all these languages are spoken.
I speak Dutch and English. I also understand and can read German.
Trilingual: German, English and Dutch. Need to boost my French skills now.
Papiamento (my native language), Spanish, Dutch, English and Portuguese
I speak Dutch, English, German, a little French. I want to learn Russian too.
In addition to the languages already mentioned I would like to add Swiss German, a dialect which is even by German natives hardly understood.
French, English, German, can understand and speak a little bit of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and some very basic Arabic...would like to learn Turkish!
Greek,English and a bit of French and Dutch! So one more to the list!
I speak English, ook Nederlands, tabien Espanol, Falo Portugues y tambe Papiamento ;-)
Italian, French, English and Spanish...curious to see how many we do have!
Wow, we speak a lot of languages all together! I don't add a new one, but I speak Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, basic Spanish and some Greek
AWESOME! Now ... how about to write " GOOD MORNING " in all those languages and say it? You will be amazed to hear how that sounds ... try it .. I start ... SELAMAT PAGI (good morning in Indonesian) :o)
ppssssttt... Annick ... you forget 1 language though on your list above ... INDONESIAN ..
no new one for me either, but I speak Dutch, English, French, German and a little bit of Spanish. And I can read old Greek and Latin.
Hello, besides Dutch, I speak, read and understand English, German and a little Spanish
Hello all, I think is very nice and good that everybody here speaks different languages. Can you Imagem how many knowledge we all have together at this moment, is gigantic….