George Mensonides

Managing Director at Snocom bv

About George

SNOCOM operates from its head office at Schiphol, The Netherlands. Since 2013, SNOCOM has been designing notable innovations in the field of snow removal. Snowfall and snow on the ground can severely disrupt daily life, often leading to substantial economic damage. This is especially the case for airports which rely on clean aprons, taxiways and runways for safe operation. Any significant amount of snow should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent delayed and cancelled flights which cost the airport industry up to 8 billion dollars a year. Swift removal of the snow will also keep any inconvenience for passengers to a minimum. However, the techniques currently in use for snow removal have not changed much since their introduction and have several disadvantages such as poor cost effectiveness and a relatively large environmental impact.

In response to this, a new type of snow removal machine has been designed by SNOCOM. Our machine, named the Snowcuber, ingests large amounts of snow and exploits the compressibility of the snow to reduces the snow’s volume by a factor 3. This drastically reduces the amount of effort required to haul the snow away from aprons. It can achieve this whilst having great cost effectiveness and a small environmental footprint compared to other snow removal techniques.