We’ve added five new functionalities!

We’ve added five new functionalities!


The new Spot website is constantly evolving. Last week, we launched a number of new functionalities. This article will tell you all about the five biggest changes:

1. ’Like’ comments

Sometimes a ‘like’ is worth more than a thousand words. We’ve waited five years, but now it’s finally possible to ‘like’ comments posted by others. Has someone made a good point? Or do you appreciate their contribution? Let them know with a ‘like’!


2. Replying to a single person rather than the entire group

Are you following our food truck event, or did you attend the ice cream promotional event in June? If so, you probably noticed the large volume of emails that went along with it. But now you, and your inbox, can rest easy: from this week, it will be possible for you to reply to one person without bothering the other people involved in the event or discussion with unnecessary emails.

To reply to a single individual, just click ‘reply’ in their response. Want to communicate something to the entire group? Post your comment under all the other replies.


3. The schedule function is back!

Back by popular demand: the schedule function. To make sure our events can’t slip your mind, you can (once again) save them in your iCal, Outlook, Google or Hotmail calendar! That way, you’ll never forget a Spot event again.


 4. Get all updates at a glance

Starting today, you will immediately be able to see how much new content is waiting for you. A personal greeting line lets you see exactly how many new events, chats and news items have been added since your last visit.

What’s more, a new sorting function makes sure the most recent content is displayed at the top of the homepage. Prefer to see the events listed in order from next upcoming to most distant event? You’ll find just such a list on the events page


5. An overview of all your events

Looking for a quick overview of all the events you’ve signed up for? Starting this week, an overview of all the events you’ve organised, and those you’ve registered to attend, will be available in the right-hand menu on the events page. You will also find an overview of recent past events, just in case you’d like to share something with those who attended.

overzicht events


We’re always eager to hear feedback from you. Which of the new functionalities do you think is most valuable? What is the site still lacking? Feel free to share your two cents in the comments below this news item, or in this discussion: https://www.spotschiphol.nl/nl/discussions/work/new-website-questions-feedback


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