‘We work with tenants to create the menu. This is their restaurant!’

‘We work with tenants to create the menu. This is their restaurant!’
At secondary school, Jeffrey Roemer always knew he would end up in the catering industry. ‘Right from my very first job, I've always worked in catering. It's in my genes. Being a good host, surprising visitors and keeping customers happy while I'm at it – I get a kick out of that. For me, practice was the best catering training. I learned the theory later, at secondary school and then at hotel management school. As Catering Manager at The Base, I apply both.’

Efficiency in the service of hospitality
‘The number of tenants in The Base is growing rapidly. So we're constantly having to adapt to higher customer numbers. For us, efficiency and sustainability are used in the service of hospitality. Not the other way round. An example of this is a new rinsing station in our staff restaurant, The Market. It's great for customers because it keeps the restaurant tidy and tables can be re-used immediately. When the used plates and cutlery are handed in, waste is immediately sorted into bins. To cope with peaks in visitor numbers we've had to come up with something new. Soon we're going to have cash registers on wheels. We can drive them into the atrium to create more space in the restaurant during peak periods. What if you don't want to wait at the counter, you want to eat lunch in your office instead? That's fine too. Just order your breakfast, lunch or dinner online and we'll deliver it to you.’

Together, we look at taste
‘We like to involve the tenants of The Base in the things we develop. This is their restaurant. One of the things we do is invite them to taste new dishes. Then together we look at the taste, garnishes and range. That's how the menu for The Market was created. VIVA!'s new specialities menu changes every month. The set menu predominantly includes dishes inspired by Spanish and Mexican cuisine. These are served in small portions, perfect for sharing. In my opinion, our taco is our signature dish. For a real taco, come to VIVA!’

The Base's living room
‘VIVA! has become The Base's living room. A place to meet up with colleagues, or hold receptions or drinks. Drop by in the late afternoon. It's always pleasantly busy. By popular request, we've started a happy hour on Wednesdays from 5 to 6 pm. It's a great time to try our tapas or our new drink-and-snack platters: each platter presents a glass of cava or beer along with three delicious snacks. I'm allowed to put in a plug, aren't I? I'm just so proud of the catering in The Base!’

Annick Oosterlee

Community Manager
Schiphol Real Estate
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