We tried out WorkSpaces by Hilton.. and loved it!

We tried out WorkSpaces by Hilton.. and loved it!

Much has been written about how to avoid distractions while working from home. However, the simple truth is that sometimes your home just won’t do as a workspace. Whether you need to focus on an important document, or merely want a quiet environment to have your video calls, Hilton now has the answer. A couple of months ago, the hotel chain introduced WorkSpaces by Hilton, and ever so graciously offered one of our community members the opportunity to try out their distraction-free rooms for productive remote working.

Community ambassador, Alessandro Fusaro, is the Manager for Customer Experience & Personal Safety at SkyTeam, and was a frequent traveller prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as travelling for work, Alessandro also travelled the world to visit beautiful places and his home country of Italy. Here’s what he had to say about his experience of WorkSpaces by Hilton.

Prior to Covid, I used to travel a lot. However, it had been so long since I last entered a hotel room, relaxed in those big fluffy beds and took a fantastic bubble bath at the end of a long working day, that this was beginning to feel like a distant memory… And, indeed, all of these lovely things would have remained only a memory if I hadn’t been invited by Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol via the Spot Schiphol Community to try out this really cool product WorkSpaces by Hilton, which I had never heard of before! It’s a cool way to break up the monotony of working from home, while, simultaneously, staying safe and being able to work in a tranquil and productive environment. Booking a dayuse room at Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol couldn’t be easier: you can book and pay online, and check-in from 8am onwards, just as if you were going to your own office.

Everything from that moment on is about focus, silence and productivity. At the moment, all rooms are disinfected prior to your stay, as part of Hilton’s CleanStay™ policy. To put you at ease, there is a seal attached to the door to show you that no one has been in the room after housekeeping, which gently breaks as you place your card onto the door reader.

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I was offered a FitRoom, which meant that weights, a yoga mat and a spinning bike were all waiting for me in the room upon arrival, so that I could enjoy (finally!) some decent training with good equipment – with a view of the airport to boot!

The room was quiet, set to the perfect temperature and everything was spotless. Not for one minute did I worry about contamination; in fact, even the TV remote was sealed after being disinfected.

The FitRoom also comes with complimentary healthy snacks: water, some fruit and granola bars. All customers have access to complimentary coffee and tea via a Nespresso machine.

You can call room service and have lunch brought to your room at a time of your choosing, all without coming into contact with anyone: everyone wears a mask, and the lunch was left sealed outside of my room. At no moment whatsoever did I think my health was at risk.

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After my long day of meetings, I enjoyed my runway-views while cycling, before finishing off with a long-awaited bubble bath… just like the good old days of international travel! Do you guys still remember those?

But that’s not all… the cherry on top was the option to take dinner away with you: now that was really a nice touch! Bowery Restaurant offers a lot of food box options, and, even better, most are for two people. This meant I was able to bring home part of my exceptional working day and that nobody had to cook that evening. Instead, for a very reasonable price, we had dinner for two and all we had to do was warm it up (via the useful instructions provided). If I closed my eyes, it would have almost felt like I was in Jakarta!

For more information or to book your WorkSpaces by Hilton, visit: amsterdamairport.hilton.com

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