Speaker announcement TEDxAmsterdam side event

Speaker announcement TEDxAmsterdam side event
With only six weeks to go until the fourth edition of TEDxAmsterdam at Schiphol, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the first two speakers of our event. In total, six TED-like experiences will come to life for a sold-out audience of nearly 250 guests in the atrium of The Base.

Stefano Stramigioli
His passion for robotics started with Star Wars. Now he is leading a group of 50 people at the university of Twente that deals with the application of modern systems and control methods to practical situations. Are robots really going to take our jobs? Should we be scared about it? Is the public properly informed about what robotics really is? Stefano Stramigioli is definitely the one to ask.

Daan Luining
Imagine a world in which we would not need animals for our meat. Where we can still enjoy a steak without harming any animal. During his degree in molecular biology, Daan came across the cultured meat project at the University of Maastricht and he immediately felt compelled to participate. He performed research under Professor Mark Post, the professor that lead the project to create the first laboratory grown hamburger. A. Laboratory. Grown. Hamburger. You got our attention, Daan!

By the way... We’ve received a lot of registrations already, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you for being as excited about this as we are! If you haven't registered yet... you have until 31 October to do so: https://info.kantooropschiphol.nl/acton/media/15176/tedx-amsterdam-side-event

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