Re-opening of Bilder & de Clercq Wall

Re-opening of Bilder & de Clercq Wall
We have some good news to share with you: Bilder & de Clercq managed to re-open its popular cooking store in Amsterdam, which means also a re-opening of the Bilder & de Clercq Wall at Schiphol!

Looking for a healthy, fresh, home-cooked dinner on the table after a hectic day at work? But lacking time or mood to go to the supermarket? Bilder & de Clercq offers the perfect solution. Last Thursday (25 Feb) the Bilder & de Clercq Wall went back in business at Schiphol.

How to order?
You can order your evening meal either through the app or via ‘the Wall’ (located in SHG, WTC and The Base) of Bilder & de Clercq, which offer you a choice of 14 delicious recipes. Order before 14:00 hr and your shopping bag full of fresh ingredients and recipe will be delivered to the pick-up point at the selected location after 16:30 hr the same day. Pick up the key of the fridge at the hospitality desk to collect your personal bag.*

Daily fresh
Bilder & de Clercq offers ingredients which are fresh, largely organic and, wherever possible, locally sourced. The groceries are also provided in the appropriate quantities in order to help reduce food waste.

We hope this service makes your after work dinner a little bit easier to prepare and a lot more tastier!

*Please note that after 18:00 hr (The Base) and 19:00 (WTC) the fridge will be unlocked and without supervision.

Catherine Reijers

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