New website: what changed?

New website: what changed?
You will undoubtedly have noticed: our website has a brand new look! Not only our appearance, but also some functionalities have been redesigned. In this article we will talk you through all the innovations so you can get started right away!

With the introduction of our new branding, we’re also introducing four new pillars: work, play, balance & benefits. The pillars of Spot make clear what we stand for, what types of content and events we offer and what you can expect. This way, it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Which pillar best fits your needs?

Blue = work
Spot helps you grow as a professional! On our brand new website you can find interviews with other professionals, announcements for interesting workshops and share knowledge with the rest of the community.

Pink = play
No one can keep all those proverbial plates spinning forever. The pink items on our website add relaxation and surprise to your work day: news about your favorite food truck, a back-to-work BBQ or an off-topic discussion about cats.

Green = balance
Work hard, play hard... when your world spins fast, it’s common to get a little dizzy. Spot the green items on our website for The School of Life workshops, boot camps and nutritional tips & tricks that will put balance back in your life.

Orange = benefits
Keep an eye on the orange items if you’re looking for practical benefits or special discounts. Whether it’s discount at the spa, free to use bikes or something else: for Spot members, it’s benefits all around.

You may find some cards on our home page that only contain text. These are the community’s most recent discussions. On our discussions page, discussions are now divided by pillar, instead of group. This way it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Do you not know where a discussion belongs when starting one? No problem! Our community manager can always move the discussion to a different pillar if needed.

We are aware there might still be some kinks and bugs in our new website. Feel free to let us know if you notice something we didn’t:

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