"It's the quality of our coaching that makes the real difference!"

"It's the quality of our coaching that makes the real difference!"
During her studies, German-born Ariane Reimer worked as a fitness instructor for the Robinson Club in Greece, followed by a two-year stint in Turkey and one year on the Maldives. After her time abroad she landed a job at Robinson Club's head office in Hannover, where she had responsibility for the gyms at all the Robinson resorts throughout the world. She now works for High Five Health Promotion, which runs company gyms. Over the past two years she has been responsible as an assistant manager for the gym at the Adidas head office in Herzogenaurach/Nuremberg; currently she is in charge of the Health Club in the The Base office building at Schiphol Airport.

Inspiring trust
‘Getting your energy back and feeling good in your body — that's what our customers are looking to achieve,’ Ariane says. ‘There's always a connection between your body and your spirit. That's not some esoteric belief; it's a very concrete thing. Using a personal approach, we want to help you feel good in your own skin, literally and figuratively. Our task is to inspire customers' trust. After all, they are placing their health in our hands. That's their most valuable possession! I don't believe in gyms whose mission is to tire you out as quickly and thoroughly as possible. I don't think that's how our bodies want to be treated. We tend to forget that everyone is different and needs a different type of training. That's what we're here for. To provide support, but also to motivate and inspire or help people's recovery through physiotherapy.’

Greater impact with functional training
‘Gyms often have a machine for every muscle group. That type of training is one-sided. It ends up with people being very strong on the machine, but unable to do even ten push-ups. That's why I'm a huge proponent of functional training. This type of training enables you to improve your stamina, strength, stability, speed and flexibility. The exercises train the entire body. Many of the exercises even make use of your own body weight. The impact is at least as great as that of traditional fitness training. It's not even about how long you train for. That can vary from one week to the next.’

A comprehensive, competitive subscription
‘I like to compare us to a marketplace. People can come to us and opt for various types of training —
in classes or one-on-one, with or without machines; with Netflix or with music. It's the quality of our coaching that makes the real difference in the end. Modern equipment and technology such as apps can help us with that. An app will track exactly what you've done, and we can use it to let you know which training schedule is best suited to you. It's a perfect way to track your progress, and it also gives us an insight into where you're at. We offer a truly competitive subscription: it will cost you only €24,95 a month, or even less if you make use of a company subscription.’

Word of mouth
‘Marketing? Ultimately, I think it's mainly all about word of mouth. We only just got started, and already we've got 220 members. The Base is a great environment. It's a building that offers people everything, even their health has been taken into consideration. Incidentally, for us fitness is not something that is confined to the Health Club. We also visit companies, and are even starting fitness sessions outdoors, at a location that's being developed right in front of The Base. In addition to various types of traditional fitness, we also offer something new, something that I feel is a perfect fit with The Base: a corporate version that enables you to do exercises at your desk and in your suit. These exercises are perfect for your back, abdomen and glutes. I'd like to invite everyone to stop by. Come and have a look! That will be the first and most important step on the road to getting your energy back!’

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