Ilomé Groels: ‘The Schiphol skyline astonishes Spaces members’

Ilomé Groels: ‘The Schiphol skyline astonishes Spaces members’
Spaces is a co-working provider that has rented the three upper floors of The Outlook building as from last November. Through this strategic partnership between Microsoft and Spaces, a novel office concept is available to entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporates, seamlessly integrating Microsoft's modern technology with Spaces' hospitality. Now that Ilomé Groels has been community manager of this brand-new branch for a month, she is eager to relate her initial experiences in this interview.

How do you look back on your first month at Spaces Schiphol Airport?

Because I previously worked at its Zuidas branch, I already knew the Spaces concept. However, the Schiphol location is a new experience for me. It makes for an excellent addition to Spaces' global network. As a Spaces member, you can access any of its 200+ branches around the world to attend an event or set straight to work. What's exceptional, though, is to have a location at such a short distance from the airport. I've seen many of the existing Spaces members drop by to take a sneak peek. The wonderful view of the Schiphol area astonishes them as soon as they enter.

How did you become involved with Spaces?

The first time that I became involved with Spaces was when frequenting Spaces Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam as a member. At that location, I realised my desire to work for Spaces. It wasn't long before I applied for the position of receptionist. From there, I was able to explore the direction that I wanted to take. My main interests included sales, events and community. Spaces is very strong on appointing an individual community manager to every single branch, with a responsibility for the location and an impetus to further members' mutual ties. I jumped at the chance to take up this position at Spaces Schiphol Airport, because I just knew that I was cut out for it.

How would you characterise the link between Spot and Spaces?

Spaces is highly experienced in organising events. It hosts not only drinks but also educational meet-ups, at which guests are able to exchange their expertise in a range of industries including legal, creative, tech and real estate. Likewise, Spot presents its community members with a lot of events as well. For example, I'm aware that Spot has hosted events jointly with TEDxAmsterdam and The School of Life. Who knows what the future has in store!

How could your work-life balance best be described?

It's been great! There's plenty of time for other activities such as sports after working hours. I don't have any trouble leaving my worries at work as I walk out of the office at five thirty. The only exception is of course when people lock themselves in, since I have to return and rescue them. Fortunately, though, it is a rare occurrence.

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