Hilde Gooiker: an ambitious networker with a love of Disney and motorbikes

Hilde Gooiker: an ambitious networker with a love of Disney and motorbikes
Who are you and what do you do at Schiphol?
My name is Hilde Gooiker. After spending five years living and working in Austria, I returned to the Netherlands two years ago. Through a headhunter, I was offered the chance to work as a Sales Manager for the Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam. My role includes cold calling, drawing up contracts, account management, establishing new networks, organising events and sales management in general. People who know me well would describe me as spirited, enthusiastic and focused. I have strong opinions and am not afraid to express them. I am also quite ambitious. I'm an open and sociable person and immensely enjoy getting together with other people. For example, I am currently on the board of ORAM Young Management which organises various themed events for young professionals up to the age of 35. I'm also quite fanatical about crossfit and have a secret guilty pleasure: I'm crazy about all things Disney!

What do you like most about your job?
My role constantly brings me into contact with (prospective) customers. I meet new people every day because I constantly set up new networks and attend a lot of events. In addition, I regularly invite people to have a look around our hotel. My passion is being able to offer them something extra when they visit and introducing them to our services. It's fantastic to be able to create a ‘wow’ effect which makes people so enthusiastic that they also promote our hotel within their own network. It makes me proud and gives me a good feeling, and as a result I enjoy going to work every day!

What does Schiphol mean to you?
When I first started working here, to be honest I didn't really have any special connection with Schiphol. After two years, I now greatly appreciate the international nature and hustle and bustle of the airport. We are located just six minutes away from Schiphol, which makes it very easy for us to offer international meetings. When I used to work in Salzburg, for example, this was not possible as the city does not have an international airport. For this reason, we often lost business to cities such as Munich and Vienna. Another nice touch is that from the Senator Suite in our hotel, you have a wonderful view of the runway used by private jets. This also gives the hotel a touch of extra class. Schiphol is highly dynamic and yet we are in a green and peaceful corner, right next to Amsterdam Forest. It's a peaceful oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Do you do any activities in the area?
With the WTC Schiphol Business Club, I recently visited Schiphol's baggage basement. It was really interesting. My job in sales takes me to lots of places which would not normally be accessible. I think SPOT is a good initiative. I can imagine that plenty of people who work at Schiphol support it as most of them are open to making new contacts in the area. However, I have noticed that it will need a little longer to truly “come alive”. The more people are aware of it, the easier it will be to truly make the connection.

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