Spot Summer Sessions: Say Cheese!

Your work team photo can say a lot about your organisation. Get it wrong and you can end up looking like an amateurish operation, but get it right and you will exude confidence and professionalism, making the right first impression on potential clients and partners.

Visit our professional photographer in The Base on August 17 and get your free team photo taken! :-)


Hi everyone, Due to bad weather we've moved this event inside. From 11:30am our photographer will be waiting for you in the room next to Health Club The Base. We'll place some SPOT beach flags at the door so the location should be easily recognizable. If you know of any colleagues or friends that were planning to join, please let them know too! :-) See you in a bit!
Hi. We have not yet received the photo by e-mail as promised at the photo shoot. When can we expect it? Best regards.