Schiphol Airport Powerboat Challenge 2018

On the 19th of July 2018 Club WTC Schiphol will organize the Schiphol Airport Powerboat Challenge 2018. This race for radio controlled mini power boats will take place in the pond opposite the WTC Schiphol.

For the first time, the Powerboat Challenge is open to contestants outside of WTC! Is your company supporting a good cause and would you like to contribute in a fun and exciting way? Why not join as a contestant? Contribution for the Powerboat Challenge is 600€, this includes 200€ for your own powerboat which you can keep afterwards, 300€ prize money for a good cause and 100 worth of food and drinks for you and your colleagues.

Please sign up now and enjoy the fun with the other contestants. Snacks will be available and a DJ will provide us with music to ensure a sporty, fun filled network event for all companies at Schiphol. Sign up now via

3 participants

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Natuurlijk doen wij als GSA Facilitaire Diensten weer mee, voor de Stichting Hoogvliegers. En ook dit jaar gaan we weer voor de volle winst, wat de vorige jaren overigens nooit gelukt is. Een mooi, gezellig, waardevol en bij het juiste weer fantastisch evenement!