Professional Haircuts @ The Base

Ever wished you could get your hair done at work? In October, you can! Yoëlle van Andel, owner of Business Haircut is bringing her pop up salon to the Break out Room at The Base on October 3rd and October 17th!

Cut & Style € 24,00
Clipper Cut € 16,00
Beard Trim € 9,50
Touch-Up € 9,50

Cut & Blowdry € 26,50
Cut & Style € 28,50
Make-over look € 33,00
Fringe € 9,50


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Hi all! Lets first start with introducing myself as your new hairdresser at the Base. My name is Yoëlle van Andel, and I am for more then 8 years working as a hairstyliste. After I traveld the world in 2016 with my scissors and campervan as a saloon, I found out that we can do haircuts everywhere, anywere, anytime. So I started my own business in May 2017. It’s called Business Haircut. If you want to find out more about me, check me on instagram: businesshaircut or Facebook: Business Haircut Hope to see you all soon! Best, Yoëlle van Andel