Office Walk With a Twist

Following on the success of last year's street art tours, Street Art Museum Amsterdam and SPOT present Office Walk With a Twist: a one-hour street art tour that takes you along the street art pieces of Oak Oak, Sandrine, Orticanoodle.. but this time, the tour will have a special focus on the brand new pieces of BTOY!

You may have seen Oak Oak's work in 2016, but do you know the story behind the 10 beautiful portraits that BTOY created in June? Anna Stolyarova, director of Street Art Museum Amsterdam will take you on a personal tour through Schiphol Central Business District and will uncover the secrets of the newly added pieces.

"It's the perfect team outing! Both healthy and inspiring!" - a community member

Distance walked will be about 1.5 km and the tour will take 1 hour.

5 participants


Heb er al een aantal gespot. Zou leuk zijn als er een plattegrondje is waarop we kunnen zien waar we ze allemaal kunnen vinden.
Hi Armand Dassen! Leuk om te lezen. Binnenkort zullen er kleine stickers geplaatst worden bij alle kunstwerken, die verwijzen naar meer informatie over de kunstenares, de portretten en de route.
Nelson staat tussen de Base en gebouw van Samsung. Als je naar buiten komt, aan de weg, rechts. Voor de bouwput.
Hi everyone, thank you for signing up for this edition of Office Walk With a Twist. Tomorrow's art walk will start at The Square. More specifically: at the famous pillars of Orticanoodle. See you there! :-)
Good morning everyone! I just got a message from Anna (today’s tour guide & owner of street art museum of Amsterdam) that she might be 5-10 minutes late. No worries about missing part of the tour: Anna is a passionate and enthusiastic talker so she will still be able to tell you the full story of all BTOY’s new pieces. ;-)
Thanks for the great tour Anna! Looking forward to discovering the other BTOY portraits in the Schiphol- East walk. Cheers, Martijn
Here's a couple of photo's I took during the walk.