Morning Masterclass: Digital Transformation (SOLD OUT)

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On the eve of a societal revolution

By prof. dr. Bob de Wit. Powered by Nyenrode Business University & The Base Library. Become inspired and aware of the future society we are entering as the result of digital technologies.

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Will a video feed from this Masterclass be available for people who cannot make it December 6th?
Same question as Jette - I see myself as a participant, is that enough to attend tomorrow?
Hi Jette & Abhishek, registration is enough! There is a registrationlist, everybody who's on that list will be seated. (I'm one of the two people who makes sure you will be)
Jette Bot Abhishek Mittal Dat klopt! De Masterclass is gratis toegankelijk, zonder kaartje. Het is voldoende om op aanwezig te staan in het event hier! / You can enter without a ticket, just make sure you are attending the online event above.
Wat een goede spreker! Complimenten Worden de slides gedeeld?
Thank you for joining the Morning Masterclass powered by Nyenrode Business University & The Base Library! We appreciate your help in evaluating this event. This will only take about 2 minutes and you have a chance at winning the book ‘Strategy Synthesis’ by Bob de Wit. Go to the evaluation form: You can download Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit’s presentation here:
Thanks. I liked/enjoyed it very much. Thanks also for fast sharing of the slides.