CompaTalks: The importance of risky play for the development of children

On Tuesday December 15th, CompaNanny will organise the fifth edition of CompaTalks! During CompaTalks CompaNanny will take you along in the most current visions and trends in the field of child development and parenting. With these short, inspiring talks, we want to move the audience and give them something to think about. Ideas and thoughts from speakers worth sharing.

In this online edition of CompaTalks: Steven Pont about The importance of risky play for children.

"Whoa, watch out!", "Don’t!", "Careful!" Recognizable exclamations? Many parents do everything they can do to keep their children as far away from danger as possible. According to developmental psychologist Steven Pont, children learn in two ways: by gaining experience and instructions. We adults have become instruction addicts. Instead of thinking ‘it can go wrong’, you can really let it go wrong sometimes. Children need to push their limits and take risks, because only that way they learn what life has in store for surprises and learn to know their own strength.
During the webinar, Steven will tell more about why risky play is so important for children's development. In addition, there is of course plenty of room to ask all your questions.

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