BOTHE'S Popup Shop & Tailoring Experience

BOTHE’S brings you a unique tailoring experience, which allows you to create the look that expresses your own personal style. For more info about BOTHE's please visit

This experience will result in high quality clothing for every modern gentlemen, since we use the genuine way of measuring.

Exclusively for WTC Schiphol & the Base we opened our pop store, with introduction pricing starting at € 425,- per suit or € 75,- per shirt.

* 600 Suit fabrics with all available patterns you can imagine, made out 100% wool.
* Over 50 different lining fabrics to match your suit fabric.
* Variety of jacket styles and personalization options to assemble your own bespoke suit.
* And many more options to choose from.

• 400 Egyptian cotton Shirt fabrics available in 1ply and 2 ply .
• Over 25 styles of cuffs and collars to dress your personal style.
• Different button colours and styles to match that particular fabric.
• All available fittings and styles to pursued your perfect shirt.

Come by without an appointment or book a 1-hour personal
appointment by sending an email to

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