Bootcamp CBD / The Square

This bootcamp will only happen when 6 or more people sign up!

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ON WEDNESDAYS WE WORK OUT! In order to feel fit in a desk job, some exercise is required on a regular basis. Squads, push-ups, not to mention burpees; it will all be covered during bootcamp sessions at Schiphol CBD.

Spot offers free boot camp sessions to community members. Every Wednesday from 5PM to 6PM at The Square.

Who's joining us on the 23rd of January?

6 participants


Good morning everyone! Despite your shared enthusiasm to brave the elements today, I'm afraid I'll have to cancel today's boot camp because there are not enough participants. Manon is looking forward to see you all next week!
Goodmorning, that is a pity. Is there anything we can do to enthusiasm more people to join us? Maybe it is not clear to the people how easy it is to join the bootcamp.
Hi Vanessa Kroneberg I agree! In Schiphol-Oost the boot camps are really taking off, but for some reason in CBD it's always unsure if we'll reach the minimum of 6 participants (excluding myself or Lisa). I'll try and see if I can incorporate the boot camps in our next newsletter. Meanwhile, keep spreading the word! :-)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but we do have 6 participants now right?
Sarah Elbers, while you're not wrong, unfortunately the creator of this event is not participating. We make our decision early in the morning and this morning, there were only 4 participants. Let's hope there will be more participants next week!
Ah ok I see.. Well let's hope for the best next week :)