Beyond Busy Workshop by Tony Crabbe

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You know you’re busy. You know that it’s not much fun. You also know a lot of strategies to address it. So, you’ve got to ask, if you know there’s an issue and you know a lot of solutions; why aren’t you doing them?

This is our starting point. With the help of a pre-event assessment questionnaire and with some focused input and exercises, Tony Crabbe will help you to get under the surface of your busyness. To really understand the root causes of your frenetic activity; because without this, any plan is like a house built on sand. It will crumble in the face of the first storm.

Tony Crabbe is a Business Psychologist who works with companies such as Microsoft, News Corporation, Disney, Salesforce, Cisco and HSBC. As a psychologist he focuses on how people think, feel and behave at work. At its core his work is all about doing things differently. This means delivering behavioural change through delivering uniquely designed learning experiences which surprise and engage people; and create momentum for personal change.

His first book, ‘Busy: how to thrive in a world of too much’ was published around the world and translated to ten languages. It has been a best seller in countries as far apart as Australia, Brazil and Korea, and is currently short-listed for a global ‘Leadership Book of the Year ’ award. In addition, Tony is a contributor for The Times, Huffington Post and Quartz, and a regular interviewee for the media, including interviews with most major Dutch newspapers and on RTL Boulevard and RTL Late Night. Currently in top 5 best selling books in Holland.

Cost of Beyond Busy Workshop: €150,-

Please note that some companies (including Schiphol Group) reserve a certain budget for employees that can be spent on things that will further develop them, for example study programmes, conferences and workshops. Ask your HR department if they have a personal development budget that can be used to pay for this workshop.

Please note that this workshop will only take place if there are a minimum of 25 participants!


Interessant! Zou ik dit vanuit mijn DIB kunnen betalen denk je?
Goed nieuws! We hebben voldoende aanmeldingen binnengekregen om deze workshop door te laten gaan. Afgelopen dinsdag is er een bevestigingsmail gestuurd naar jullie allemaal, met hierin meer informatie over het betaalproces én de vragenlijst die als basis dient tijdens de workshop. Ik heb van een aantal personen begrepen dat deze e-mail niet juist of in het spamfilter terecht is gekomen. Ik wil jullie vragen dit even te checken en het mij te laten weten indien je niets hebt ontvangen. P.S. Er zijn nog zo'n 10 plaatsen beschikbaar! Mocht je nog iemand kennen (binnen of buiten Schiphol) die geïnteresseerd is in de workshop, dan mag je deze natuurlijk ook uitnodigen! :-)
Update! Na de workshop is de mogelijkheid er om Tony's boek te kopen en/of laten signeren. Mocht je z'n boek al hebben en deze willen laten signeren. Dan kan dit! Mocht je het boek willen kopen na de workshop, houd er dan rekening mee dat er alleen cash betaald kan worden.