Beginners Workshop Dutch

Please note that for this class a maximum of 16 students is allowed. If you're number 17 or up, write me a DM and I'll see if we can organize a second introduction course.

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For expats who wish to master the basics of Dutch, Spot and Taalcentrum-VU have put together a 2-hour introduction course.

This introduction course is intended for beginners. During the course, you will learn the following:

- Communicating in everyday situations such as greetings and introducing yourself
- Cultural differences (courtesies and indirect communication)
- Tips and tricks for Dutch pronunciation and sentence melody

This workshop includes dinner and offers a relaxed and 'gezellige' way to get to know other expats!


Hi everyone! Thank you for signing up for the Beginners Workshop Dutch! I'm happy to announce that we've found a location for the workshop: you're all expected at the "Schiphol Hoofdgebouw" (Evert van de Beekstraat 202, Schiphol) from 17:30 - 19:30. Warm snacks and salads will be provided. I look forward to meeting you on the 25th! Tot snel!
Hi everyone! Looking forward to meet all of you during tonight's beginners workshop Dutch! If you arrive at the Schiphol Hoofdgebouw (Evert van de Beekstraat 202, Schiphol) please register at the reception desk. I will pick you up and bring you to the right meeting room. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them here! :-)
Hi Annick, I am not going to attend the event, I am so sorry for informing you lately.
Hi everyone! Thank you for joining yesterday's introduction course. It was a pleasure to meet you all, and to bring together so many different community members from different companies. I was very happy to hear that all of you (!) gave the introduction course 5/5 points! As promised, I'll discuss with my colleagues if we want to continue offering these classes on a frequent basis. I'll keep you guys updated in this event page. For now, this video made me think of you and I hope it'll make you laugh: Thanks again for a wonderful workshop! :-)
Thank you Annick for organizing such a great evening! It was a really interesting session. Let's hope we can have this type of sessions on a regular basis!
Annick Thank you so much for organized the workshop!! You managed to put together a great group!!!
The workshop was fantastic. The teacher knows how to motivate us! Annick is great host! Also, it is very nice to meet some other people who work here. :)
Hi everyone! Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long! I've discussed this with our team and Taalcentrum VU and we came up with the following program: VU Taalcentrum can offer 10 language courses of 2 hours for €500,-. Because we believe it would be great to offer these courses close to your workplace, we (Spot Schiphol) will sponsor the location and catering of these workshops. During the 10 courses you will learn the following: • Vocabulary: social and work related • Oral language skills: pronunciation, emphasis and intonation • Conversation techniques and communication culture; formal and informal language • Grammar and sentence structure • Listening skills; respond to your conversation partner • Writing skills: basic principles of written Dutch. Please note that it is important that the participants in one group have more or less the same level and the same learning needs. To determine this, Taalcentrum VU first does an intake. This intake consists of an online intake form and a (telephone) conversation with one of our trainers. I'm very curious to here if you would be interested in the 10 week course as discussed above. Also, I was wondering if some employers offer personal development budget that you can use? Let me know here, or by sending me a DM! :-) Would like to discover together if and how we can make this work!
Hi Annick!! I'm interested in the classes, can you send me more information? Thank you
Hi Annick! I sent you a message some time ago to have more information about the Dutch course. Not sure if you received it as I did not get a reply. Could you please send me more details? Thanks.
Hi Danila Belnuovo and Brigite . sorry for my late reply! Unfortunately, you are the only two people who seem to be interested in the class. I still believe there have to be more people who are interested in taking a Dutch workshop close to work.. I just have a hard time finding them! :-( In order for this workshop to happen, we'll need to find at least 8 participants who have the same level and learning needs.
Hi everyone! Unfortunately the language courses didn't continue, but that doesn't mean you can't laugh about the Dutch language on other occasions. Alessandro Fusaro from this group is trying to organise an expat event at Schiphol. I thought some of you might be interested: Have a great day! :-)
I understand the complexity.... we have all different levels and the constraints are big. But indeed it does not hurt to talk about it at the expat drinks! Please enroll to the group so that we can keep each other posted!