Pets: share a picture of your furry co-worker!

When you’re working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, your pets become your de facto co-workers.

Rarely do they abide by the office rules, but, hey, you let it slide because who could stay mad at those sweet little faces? They are here for us to make our workday better. So we ask you, the Spot Schiphol community, to introduce us to your current furry, feathery, or scaley companions and tell us what it is that they do during the workday.

Hopefully, these pictures will make your Monday a little brighter.

Annick Oosterlee

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Dushi follows me everywhere I go. Once we are allowed to go to the office again I’ll miss her by my side.
This is Lizzy from next door, she visits me every day for a drink and a cuddle ^_^
My two boys (two out of three, the other is another black cat, Lola, not in the pic), Charlie (black, almost 12 yrs old) and Basil (5 yrs old). The latter has a knack of biting through any type of cord within 3 seconds, so he is never allowed in my office at home by himself LOL
Let's try a pic of Basil, as my previous photo would not take. Basil, the cord destroyer, hence not allowed by himself in my home office