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Schiphol wants to be a place where there is room for inspiration and ideas. There are more than 500 international companies operating at Schiphol, and for the staff of these companies, Spot Schiphol is the perfect place to meet each other online and offline and to get inspired by everything that is happening at this location.

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What is Spot exactly?

If you’re interested in the latest news about Schiphol, and a summary of all the events and groups in the area, you need to be on Spot. You’ll read about everything from free workshops you could attend, to that new café opening around the corner.

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Spot means activity!

There’s always something going on at Schiphol. Keep up with events, let other community members know where and when they can meet you in the flesh, or organise your own event!

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Spot means activity!

Spot means discussion!

Chat with other Spot members. Do you have a serious, silly or interesting question your co-workers cannot help you with? Don't be shy and ask our 1.300 community members! You can get to know new people, share ideas and be well-informed about what’s going on.

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Spot means discussion!